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Thank you for joining our vernissage!

5th of April 2019

Thank you all for joining the exhibition opening today and co-creating with us! Thank you for sharing your curious, playful and adventurous spirits! We are looking forward to run this through the whole month of April, and hopefully see you again for more play! With gratefulness and sparkles in our eyes, Andreas, Benjamin, Ramona.


We are exhibiting in Galloperiet!

25th of March 2019

Play and dream! This is the message form the techno-shamanic art project VESICA which is occupying Stadens Museum For Kunst from April 5th to 28th. The audience are invited for journeys into their inner world with the theme ‘Cosmic Mythology’, tuning in to spiritual dimensions where symbols and archetypes emerge from the collective subconscious. A landscape of interactive installations opens the inner senses through scenic soundscapes, vibrations, smells and flickering light.

On Friday, April 5th, we’ll open the gallery as a space for co-creation. Like an organism, the exhibition will grow during April, nurtured by the contributions of guest artists and visitors.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

VESICA Pod no.1

20th of March 2019

VESICA Pod is a unique piece of furniture, but not only – it is also a personal multisensorial installation. With a built-in transducer ranging from 5 to 17,000 Hz, it can vibrate your whole body through its built-in platform and is able to put its experiencer into a an induced dream state.. Visuals, sound, touch and smell have also been tweaked to add up to the participant’s impression – rainbow lights strong enough to flash patterns through your closed eyelids, matched by an interactive sound experience, topped with steam infusions of scents and natural plushy textures to play with. 

The pod is installed at Fremtidsfabrikken on Studiestræede 30, Copenhagen, and is open to visiting by arrangement. Write us an e-mail if you are curious!

Sjón Film Festival

10th of March 2019

We are so happy to have participated to this year’s edition of Sjón Anthropological Film Festival – Sonance! With only a minimal, floor-based setup of the VESICA project, we managed to provide the festival’s participants with an multisensorial and interactive experience in between the film screenings. We’d like to thank everyone wh came by for co-creating this exhibition – it is always amazing to see the diversity of forms VESICA takes when left in the hands of its visitors.

read more about VESICA

We know you enjoy our blog posts just as astronauts love corned-beef sandwiches. If you would like to learn more about the VESICA spaceship, we have prepared a full-bodied description of it on our homepage.

Please take a look.