a meeting in hyperspace

VESICA is a dream ship designed for exploration of the wondrous ocean of the calm inner space. The ship operates with a range of sensorial stimuli that open the mind of the adventurer to deep states of relaxation and creativity.

Navigated by a brave and curious crew, information can be collected across time and space.

a sensorial flooding

VESICA utilizes a set of psychoacoustic, psycho-visual, haptic and olfactory effects in combination. This flooding of the human senses entrains the adventurer into a lucid dream, a threshold state with an awake awareness.


A powerful spotlight in the tip of the structure throws pulses of light through the eyelids of the adventurer invoking a strong activation of the visual field. Uniform vibrations from the floor synchronous with pulses of light induces a hallucinatory phenomenon called the ganzfeld effect where a uniform stimulus after a while becomes cancelled out by the brains noise filter. The light entrains the brain to a theta brainwave frequency and acts as a carrier wave for hallucinations.



The floor transmits low-frequency vibrations through the body of the adventurer. This is achieved by transducers mounted underneath the floor. When lying on the floor the vibrations engulf the whole body of the visitor in a way that tricks them to feel their physical body disappear.
The transducers are linked to the audio landscapes of the installation, so that sounds of ocean waves or desert sand create a haptic feedback, which feels like touching the environment.


Every visitor wears a set of wireless headphones, which is connected to a microphone installed in the middle of the room. Through this setup, the process of hearing is ‘displaced’. The centrally placed room microphone turns into one shared ear, whereas everyone hears the same. Previous experiments with the installation have confirmed the hypothesis that this would make people less shy to produce sounds themselves and use their voices creatively.


We install 4 smell dispensers – one in each corner of the room – which will spray different essential oils dispersed in a fine mist of water.

the crew

Benjamin Hugo Lager

Benjamin Hugo Lager (DK) is an eccentric experience artist with a formal background in Art & Technology at Aalborg University and experience in installation and performance art and shamanism. His dream is to develop technologies for healing and communication.


Andreas Wolf

Andreas Wolf (DE) is a facilitator for experimental events & communities. During the past years he has worked with “silent sound”, ritual, authentic relating practices and the Scandinavian Burning Man network. His most recent interest is in altered states of conciousness, induced by meditation and shamanistic practices.


Ramona August is a visual anthropologist and multimedia artist working primarily in documentary film, photography, installation art and performance, with a focus on the human animal. She is interested in using her knowledge on culture in bridging understandings about the world we live in and in shaping new narratives about our roles within it.

your journey is awaiting